How does transmission media differ?

Transmission media definition: Carries the information to from the sender to the receiver. Using cables it will have high speed, it will be secure and good for short distances. Many different types but one example is the twisted pair cable with 2 conductor wires turned around each other. This one is the most widely used one with short distance. Sometimes… Read more →

How Do Computers Store Data?

The process can be explained in 3 steps. Firstly, the data is converted into the binary numbers 0 and 1 so the computer can store it easily. Secondly the numbers are recorded by hardware that is in the computer. Thirdly the numbers are moved to temporary storage places and used in different programs and software. The binary data is stored… Read more →

What Is Binary?

Binary is a numbering system which there are only two values for each digit – 0 or 1. The base for all binary code used in computer systems. A digital encoding/ decoding system with two possible states.   Could be used at storing music, documents etc. Read more →