About the Website:

This website will help you as a teenage girl find the right car that will be perfect for you. We have information that will tell you:

How much buying your first car actually costs (you do not want to break the bank on a car). 

  • Obstacles that might come up when trying to find your perfect car.
  • Steps that will make your fist car buying journey much smoother.
  •  Where you can buy your perfect car. 

Terms you need to KNow:

Make of Car:

There is a difference between the model and the make of a vehicle. The make of a car is what the brand is. Such as Volvo.

Model of Car:

The model of the car is the specific vehicle model not just Volvo. The model is the name of the car product. It also can be a range of products.

Body Type:

The body type of a car is the design, shape, and space that is put into categorise. The body style changes from car to car. Such as a car can be tall, low, have a shiny finish, and many more different designs.


The transmission lets the car change gears, which transfers power in the most efficient way from the engine to the drive axle. This is done by gear ratios being varied. 

The main four fuel types are:

  • Gasoline.
  • Diesel Fuel.
  • Biodiesel.
  • Ethanol. 

Fuel Consumption:

Fuel consumption and fuel economy is different from each other because fuel consumption is the amount of fuel a car consumes to go a particular distance and fuel economy is the distance a car can get out of the fuel.


The cylinder is a piston and two valves at the top: an inlet and exhaust valves. The piston moves up and down, which generates power that moves your vehicle. Generally, the more cylinders your engine has, the more power is produced.

Engine Size: 

The Engine size is the measurement of the total volume of the cylinders in the engine. The bigger the engine size, the more space there is for air and fuel inside it.