So…..what is this website really about? Is it about this cute dog?

No!! Wrong website. If your interested in dogs here:

Buying. a first car can be so exciting! Yet there is so much for one person to learn about.

An individual must:

Set a car budget!

  • It is your first car…it will get a bit damaged or started so personally try not to spend over 30k on a first car.
  • Find cars within your price range, it may seem impossible to even afford a car only 10k although setting a budget makes individuals more aware and notified about what type of first car they are looking for

Do homework!

  • Researching what car and individual likes, you’ll have a better chance of finding a car. that you can afford and meets your own needs

Ask yourself….

  • Will I need a car that is needed to drive to school, work, sport and other activities?
  • How much travelling would I do?
  • Are family members or friends going to have a ride from you?
  • What requirements will the car have?
  • Is is going to be a practical car or a sporting car?

This will help any individual to gain more confidence in buying their first car as it tends to become intimidating when not receiving knowledge about cars or what you need to know when buying a car.

If you want to learn MORE about cars, then watch this YouTube clip.