Dependent on the individual, it is up to them what type of car type.

  • Sedan (most common car type)
  1. 4 door car type with a traditional trunk
  2. limited trunk space although they have sporty look
Example of car models of a Sedan: Toyota Corolla, Nissan Altima, Honda Acord.

  • SUV
  1. Large car
  2. Carriers 5-7 people (three rows in cars)
  3. 4 wheel drives
  4. Modernised with latest’s electronics
  5. Comfortable seating
Example of car models of a SUV: Range Rover, Jeep Cherokee, Suzuki Vitara.

  • Hatchback (mixed of a sedan and a station wagon)
  1. 5 doors
  2. High performance levels
  3. Has door hinges
  4. Has a rear window
Example of car models of a Hatchback: Tesla model S, Audi A7.

  • Station wagon
  1. Extended roof line with hatch door instead of a trunk
  2. Good for families
  3. Good for long car journeys due to larger car space
Example of car models of a Station wagon: BMW 5 series, Subaru Outback.

  • Ute
  1. Has open cargo area
  2. Powerful engines
  3. Can tow heavy equipment
  4. Ideal for farmers and transport
Example of car models of a Ute: Toyota Hills, Nissan Navara.

  • Minivan
  1. A smaller version of a van
  2. Instead of cargo space, it has passenger seats
  3. 7-8 seats
  4. Perfect for large families or for taxis
  5. Large extra space
Example of car models of a Mini van: Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica.

  • Sports car
  1. A car that looks extremely sporty
  2. Has good handling with road capabilities
  3. Powerful engine to drive freely or on roads
Example of car models of a Sports car: Porsche 911, Mazda MX-5.

These are your main different type of main cars which any individual can choose from to purchase their first car. Although you now know about car types and car models, these help give more context towards anyone in buying a car.

Anon 2022