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The fuel pricing is extremely high at the moment as Australia heavily relies on fuel imports as it leaves it highly vulnerable to volatile international fuel markets. The first four months of 2022 have demonstrated this, with Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine causing a surge in fuel prices.

It is important for an individual to fill up their car on a cheaper day of the week such as every second Tuesday, so they are not wasting all their money on petrol (as it is extremely expensive).

Here is a website that anyone can use to figure out how expensive or cheap their fuel pricing is going to be dependent on what type of fuel your car takes.

Main Petrol Types are:

Standard Unleaded Petrol (91)Standard Unlead Petrol is the most common type of petrol available, and most cars use it to run it. It is also ideal petrol for those who use 4-stroke mowers. 
Premium 95-octane Unleaded Premium unleaded 95 petrol is a type of unleaded fuel that is designed to be more fuel efficient and cause a smoother engine operation. It is meant for use by imported and high-performance vehicles but can be used by the majority of cars.
Premium 98-octane UnleadedPremium 98-octane unleaded provides higher performance and engine operation with less pollution and is the most expensive fuel type as a result. 98 is primarily used for sports and performance vehicles, or vehicles with ‘highly-tuned’ engines.
LPGLPG is liquefied petroleum gas. It is a non-renewable source of energy and it is extracted from crude oil and natural gas as it is a type of petrol type. 
Diesel Diesel is another common type of petrol it is used for freight trucks, trains, buses and farm and construction vehicles and preferably in manual cars.

If your car uses one of these perfect!

Just go onto the website to try to find out where you can get your fuel from!