New car loanIs a personal load used to help purchase a brand new car.
Used car loanIs a loan on a car that has been currently used before, tends to be cheaper than a new car loan 
ANCAP Safety ratingANCAP safety rating of between 0 to 5 stars indicating the level of safety they provide in the event of a crash and their ability to avoid or minimize the effects of a crash. The more stars, the better the vehicle performed across ANCAP tests.
Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) 4WD means the power from the engine is delivered to all 4 wheels all of the time 4X4 is engaged and has an option to operate in a RWD format to conserve fuel. 
DEMO MODEL / DEMO CARA car that is in stock but has not been registered or sold. They are kept at the dealership as vehicles for test drives, for management staff as company cars or as service loan cars.
Fuel Depends on your car and what type of fuel type it takes, and the area you live in (can range form $1.10-$2.50) 
Car Insurance Is when something like an accident or something happens to your car, when having car insurance, it covers the car to reduce the financial costs.