Buying a car is not all that easy. The process includes multiple aspects and can be very overwhelming. This car guide allows you to understand all the important factors that you must know before deciding to purchase your very first car. When there is so many aspects and things to put into consideration, your going to need a hand. This website is to help guide and assist you to braking down this complicated process, ensuring you do the right thing!


  1. Setting a budget: Know the minimum and maximum amount of money you want to spend before looking at which car you want to buy 
  2. Researching: Learn about the car’s history and the brand of your cars history
  3. Having an experienced adult with you: It might be helpful to have someone who has purchased a vehicle before come with you when looking at different cars as as an additional perspective
  4. Knowing your preference: Have an idea on which type of car you prefer, an auto or a manual, would you like a car with three pedals or having your gears changed automatically
  5. Do a test drive: This is the most important tip you can get, by doing a test drive you can get a general idea of how the car works, as well as finding any little things that may annoy you and you don’t like in a car
  6. Buying a car at the end of the financial year: even though this may not be suitable for everyone to purchase at this time, by doing this it can give you an opportunity for the prices to be at a lower cost when purchasing  
  7. Know the type of car that will best fit your lifestyle: if your more outdoorsy and go on off road drives maybe a four-wheel drive suits best for you
  8. Preparing questions: Having a list of prepared questions before going to look at different cars, can help minimise any stress and allows you to not forget any key things you want to find out before purchasing
  9. Having all your boxes ticked: Make sure before you make a purchase all your boxes of wants in a car are ticked, having what you want is super important when purchasing the right vehicle for you 
  10. Beware of additional costs: When you set your budget range, you need to make sure you understand there are going to be additional costs to your purchase. The cost of the car is not the only thing you are going to have to pay for