Formula One is said to be the greatest Motorsport of all time. This is because the drivers operate the fastest race cars of any other motorsport, their top speed ever recorded was 372km/h by a driver called Valtteri Bottas who at the time was racing for Mercedes but as of 2022 is at Alfa Romeao. At top speed corners they must brake later in the corner and in low speed corners they brake earlier.


As of 2022 the minimum weight of a Formula One car is 798kg including the driver and fuel. The Aston Martin Formula One car as of the 30th of March 2022 weighs 815kg which is 18kg over the minimum weight. On average a Formula One driver cannot weigh more then 75-80kg or the car will be far to slow.

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There are 5 tyre choices for all races, there’s soft tyres which are a slick tyre that is used for short amounts of time and make the cars go a lot faster. There’s medium tyres, also a slick tyre that lasts a bit longer than the soft but are not as fast. There’s Hard tyres that are slicks too, they last for quite a long time and they make the car go slightly slower than the mediums but if used right can put in a fast lap. Theres inters which are used for when the track id slightly wet but not super wet, these tyres are not slicks so that they can find grip on a slippery surface. The wet tyres are for when its raining and theres puddles of water on the track, these tyres are the opposite of slick, they have lots of grip on them and are made for wet weather only.