Why is it important?

Sustainable living helps protect the environment and reduce wastefulness. Sustainability is meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Living sustainably is an important practice for saving the environment and using our resources efficiently. Whether people are zero waste or just getting started, your individual practices can make a difference.

Things it effects:

  • It improves air quality, by reducing carbon emissions
  • It helps conserve natural resources that would otherwise be used up.
  • It helps your community by reducing potential toxicity of the enviroment.
  • It will maintain resources for future generations
  • It slows climate change, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • It also supports small businesses such as those selling home grown fruit and vegetables.

The average carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere) off a single person in their life is over 8.5 tons.

Over 15 billion trees are chopped down each year. Since 1990 the world has lost 420 million hectares of forest.

Air pollution is everywhere in the earth. Air pollution causes 11.65% of deaths globally.

By buying food locally you not only reduce the amount of overseas product you are buying. You are also supporting small local buisnesses.